Balanced Scorecard

Scorecards can be an extremely effective tool for helping organizations define, monitor and communicate progress toward strategic objectives. The scorecarding capabilities available in IBM® Planning Analytics enable organizations to integrate their metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) into high-participation planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. Scorecards help drive greater accountability and strategy execution.


  • Link high-participation planning, budgeting and forecasting processes to actual performance results.
  • Model and deploy integrated metrics to every contributor’s workspace.
  • Create and share strategy maps, impact diagrams and custom diagrams in a closed-loop performance management system.
  • Deliver performance data through a variety of interfaces.
  • Leverage the powerful in-memory OLAP engine of IBM TM1
  • With scorecards, users can assess the dynamic performance of the business quickly, using strategy maps and diagrams to pinpoint the source of performance problems and spot trends—both positive and negative—at an early stage, when corrective actions can be most effective. Scorecards help tie strategy to execution with powerful visualizations. And when KPIs and metrics are linked directly to both data and processes within the multidimensional IBM Planning Analytics platform, it closes the loop on performance management and actually transforms the way people work.